Quick tips for looking after your leather bag

Yes, we know. You love your leather bag. It's your absolute favourite. And we want that awesome bag to last as long as possible so you can continue to have those warm fuzzy feelings (not to mention stares of envy) whenever you and your bag are out on the town.

So here are three quick tips for looking after your leather bag, so that it will continue to make you shine:

1. Oily hands are the enemy

Oily hands and leather are a no-no. Keep your hands as clean as possible when handling your bag. Make sure hands (and your leather bag) are free of make-up, oily creams, car grease and anything else that can leave stains.

2. Beware the water stain

Leather absorbs water and this can lead to unsightly stains especially on lighter coloured items so pay careful attention. If you do get water on your leather bag, wipe it off as soon as possible with a soft cloth and allow to dry naturally. Do not attack the bag with a hairdryer or similar contraption, that will only make matters worse. If the worst happens and the bag develops stains you hate, don't despair, consider changing the colour of the entire bag to a darker colour that will hide the stains.

3. Deep clean and condition for longer life

Have your bag cleaned and conditioned at least once a year to keep the skin soft and supple. This way your bag will age in that graceful way well loved leather does.


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